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Aluminium Foil offer security protection for pharmacy industry.

Our Hologram aluminium foil is embossed by embosser directly. It's not so shining as the Hologram aluminium foil which is transfered from hot stamping foil. It image won't diapear under high tempreture of 200 degree.


Our Hologram aluminium foil is cost-effective.


Hologram aluminium foils are easily used on all the standard blister-packaging Machine(Hologram Printer)s.


security transparent Hologram ID card Samples 2




Type of Master Origination of Hologram Taope and Hologram Seal


2D/3D Hologram

Flip-Flop Hologram and Kinetic movement in Hologram

Hidden text and micron text in Hologram



Secure 2D 3D Holographic Sticker