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Hologram Embosser

Narrow Web Hard Hologram Embosser Mold 1

Narrow web hard Hologram embosser is designed for producing 160MM width Hologram products, such as Hologram labels, narrow web Hologram film, Hologram aluminum foil,etc.

1. Max embossing dimension : 160*156MM/sheet
2. Embossed film thickness: 0.012MM-0.12MM
3. Max rewind & unwind rolls diameter: 500MM
4. Temperature scope: 0-180¡æ(Adjustable)
5. Embossing speed: 0M-30M/Min(Adjustable)
6. Counter scope: 0-99999 (Adjustable)
7. Shim size: <160*156*0.05 MM
8. Shim lift: 5,000M-10,000M/Shim
9. Voltage std.: 220V 50HZ
10. Power consumption: 3KW
11. Compressed air needed: 0-5Kg/cm2 (Adjustable)
12. Embosser dimension: 1300MM*750MM*120MM
13. Embosser weight: 250KG

Hologram embosser cylinder photo

Narrow Web Hard Hologram Embosser Mold 2

Narrow web hard Hologram embosser is designed for producing 160MM width Hologram products, such as Hologram labels foil in roll which has precise gap between two stickers. Sticker embossed by this embosser can be applied automaticly by Sticker application Machine(Hologram Printer). Comparing to similar mold embosser made in USA and Germany, our embosser has same quality and much lower price. This Hologram embosser can emboss slim Hologram seal of cigarette packaging.

1.Rectify a deviation and put one automatically, rewind smoothly with little deviation..
2. Intellectual temperature control, it is accurate in temperature control when embossing.
3. Automatic control or manual control to set unwind and rewind parameter,
4. Automatic control or manual control to adjust juction of hologrma nickel shim.
5.The structure is reasonable in design, it is flexible and convenient to dismantle

1. Width of door: 300mm(MAX)
2. Embossing are: 152.4mm(standard)----161.0mm(customized)
3. Power : 220V or 380V, 4KW
4. Air pressure when embossing : 8kg/cm2(0.8mpa)
5.Dimension: 1850MM*900MM*1200MM

6.Weight: 700kg





1200MM wide web soft Hologram Embosser

click link to see running Hologram embosser or right click mouse to 'save as...' to download it Vedio1 Vedio2

1200mm width soft Hologram embosser is designed for producing 1200mm width Hologram film. It meets the up-date need of Hologram printing and packaging industries or Hologram gifts and decoration industries.

This Machine(Hologram Printer) is suitable for processing many material like BOPP, PVC, PET and CPP, extensively used in manufacturing top grade packing material to prevent counterfeit.

Performance and Characteristics of soft Hologram embosser£ň

1. It only requires 20 minutes of heating to achieve work requirement, automatically coordinating with cooling system and realizing heat energy balance. Furthermore, It not only can save energyby two-third, but also work constantly and stably.
2. Jointing seam will not expand with hot.


1.Width of soft Hologram embosser's roll: 1320mm
2.Width of Press Film: 1250mm
3.Max. Diameter of winding and rewinding: 580mm
4.Coling system: Oil and water cool system
5.Speed of Press Film: 0M-50M/Min.
6.Meter Counte: Automatic meter counter
7.Thickness of Material(Film, BOPP, PET, PVC): 0.012-0.200mm
8.Temperature controlling: temp.0--200C
9.Compressed air needs: 6 ATM
10.Frequency-change speed-change Motor: 2.2KW
11.Auto temperature perseverance system: 12.5KW
12.Total Power consumption: 16 KW
13.Weight of Main Hologram embosser: 1.5T
14.Hologram embosser dimension of Main Machine(Hologram Printer): W1800*L1200*H1500mm



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Address: Room 503, Building 16, Rui Hong xing cheng, #133 LinPing Bei Road, (Near Subway Line 4, Hualun Rd Stop),Shanghai City, 200086, China
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